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Mr. T Asks ‘Dancing With the Stars’ to ‘Stop All That Jibber Jabber’  


Mr. T[1] has a very small chance of winning "Dancing With the Stars"[2] Season 24, but he has already won Twitter. You should be following his candid title-case opinions on how the show is run, including his latest tweets suggesting DWTS change the melodramatic way it handles eliminations. No More Jibber Jabber!

Here's how he put it:

Now I am going to say Something and Please Remember, It's just my opinion. And we All got one. So I'm Just Saying…

— Mr. T (@MrT) April 3, 2017[3]

In My Humble Opinion when a Dancer has to leave the DWTS. The show should Stop all that Jibber Jabber! Here's what I mean..

— Mr. T (@MrT) April 3, 2017[4]

Instead of All other couples Surrounding, Hugging, Padding, Handshakes and giving Farewell Kisses to the 1 Leaving. Just say "See You Later"

— Mr. T (@MrT) April 3, 2017[5]

Because In 12 years- 24 seasons I have Never Seen Yet A Couple who made-it past Elimination.

— Mr. T (@MrT) April 3, 2017[6]

…Then take the place of the couple Who Just have been Sent Home! Haven't seen it!

— Mr. T (@MrT) April 3, 2017[7]

It's Not the End of the world when someone Scores Low and has to leave! Now, did you Notice the choice of words I used…

— Mr. T (@MrT) April 3, 2017[8]

Because they didn't Lose or get Beat. They came up Short! So please DWTS stop making A Dancer departure such a Tearjerker Moment!

— Mr. T (@MrT) April 3, 2017[9]

But It shouldn't, because it's not War! I'll reconnect with all my New Friends that I've met during the Show.

— Mr. T (@MrT) April 3, 2017[10]

Now that April Fools day is Over, I am back to having Pity on Fools. So I Pity The Fool who Don't vote Early and Often. Grrr!

— Mr. T (@MrT) April 3, 2017[11]

Thank You for Listening. Now I got to Dance for you! Enjoy The Show 😊!!

— Mr. T (@MrT) April 3, 2017[12]

There you have it. If Mr. T and his pro partner Kym Johnson Herjavec are the next to go in Week 4, don't cry for them — it's not "The Hunger Games" or a real-life tragedy — just tell them "see you later" and hope you do get to see them again soon.

DWTS airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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